Al Frisillo Engraving Bio

Al Frisillo

Hand Engraver


My interest in engraving started as a junior high school report project.  The topic of the report dealt with statistics and features of guns in use at the time.  As part of that report, I included a section on engraved firearms.  Although the report has long since vanished, my interest in the engraving arts persisted over the years but lay dormant due to occupational commitments working in the oil and gas industry.  My interest was revived when my wife and I started shooting sporting clays where we were exposed to many beautifully engraved shotguns.


I have studied with three internationally known engravers at GRS, a renowned school of engraving in Emporia, KS.  This included an introductory class with Rex Pederson, jewelry engraving with Sam Alfano and advanced scroll design with Ron Smith. In addition, I studied under internationally known Ray Cover, a highly sought after knife engraver.  With Ray, I took two classes focusing on inlay and bulino techniques.  Recently, I completed two scroll design courses with Christian DeCamillis and an Eastern Bright Cut class with Colt Firearms Master Engraver Mike Dubber.


I do custom engraving projects and have a Federal Firearms License that is a prerequisite for engraving guns for clients.  I enjoy engraving animals, birds, fish and wildlife scenes.    Hand engraved items such as money clips, knives, bolo ties and buckles are available at the Gadget Company. Tulsa, OK, The Gallery on 6th Street, Tulsa, OK and at Trails End Knife Company, Collinsville, OK.    In 2010, I was commissioned by Gilcrease Museum to engrave several items with C.M. Russell themes as part of the museum’s Charles M. Russell show.  Many of my engraved items are available through this web site.